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List of 31 Flex APIs, Libraries, Components and Tools

Following up the list of 22 ActionScript 3.0 libraries is a new list of 31 Flex APIs and resources. You will find: time saving APIs, libraries, tools and other resources related to Flex development.

Adobe Flex cookbook beta

AnimatedGIfLoader Flex Component
Allows you to load animated gif files into your Flex applications

Provides an easy way to integrate flowcharts, uml or any other diagrams in flash tools.

ActionScript 3.0 framework for unit testing.

AsWing A3
Allows programmers to make their flash application(or RIA) UI easily


DisplayShelf Component
Provides a rich, templatable control to display a faux-3d view of a list of items

Treemap Component for Adobe Flex 2

Flex4FileMaker is an Adobe Flex 2 FileMaker API modeled after the FileMaker PHP library.

Flex flip book component. Supports transparantcy.

Directory of Flex Components

Flex Calendar Components

Flexed Toolkit

community effort to create open source user interface components for Adobe Flex 2.

ServiceLocator for flex to use web service

FlexTube is an flex UI front end for youtube

Flex 2 Basic Email Form
Cut and dry example using an HTTP Service to send an email in Adobe Flex 2 via a simple PHP email script.

Flex 2 Debug Component

Flex 2 Primitive Explorer

Flex Developers Journal
The first and only independent magazine serving Adobe Flex developers worldwide.

Flex Style Explorer

FLUORINE is an open source .NET Flash Remoting Gateway.

Free Visual Reflection Component for Flex 2

Granite Data Services
Free, open source (LGPL’d), alternative to Adobe® Flex 2 Data Services for J2EE application servers.

JAM – Just ActionScript and MXML

Live “reflection” component

Open Source Flash Debugger for AS2/AS3/Flex1.5/Flex2

scale nine
themes for flex and apollo/AIR

Adobe Flex 2.0 component that displays a set of items that are linked to each other.

The Flex Show
Jeffry Houser and Ryan Stewart’s Poscast covering Flex related topics.

The ServeBox Foundry
Based on several design patterns, and includes tools built to resolve some of the recurrent Flex 2 development challenges.

Yahoo Astra Components
Tree, Menu, TabBar, AutoComplete, and Charts

Yahoo! Maps Web Services – Flexâ„¢ API


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